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Toronto Dating Coach is Different

What makes Toronto Dating Coach (TDC) different from other pick-up workshops & seduction based training?

Once you discover the secrets of Natural Attraction & Inner Game, I believe you will know why.

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Getting Her World Review

Getting Her World Review

Posted: June 15, 2012

After 12 years of studying seduction… the past 5 of which I have been a professional dating coach… it’s safe to say that I have painfully researched A LOT of seduction material.

I’ve invested close to 30 thousand dollars on seduction seminars, boot camps, products and workshops… you name it, I’ve read it, watched it, listened to it, or done it…

The following is my view review of “Getting Her World” from the Authentic Man Program… find out what I think and click play…

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Girls At A BarLearn How To Approach & Attract Unbelievably Hot Women Without Using Opinion Openers, Memorizing Routines, Or Learning An Encyclopedia Of Other Complicated Seduction Material.

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“Evan, I took your advice and ended up with 3 phone numbers. One girl in particular was SO hot, it was really hard to stay focused… I just want to thank you for giving me the confidence I’ve sorely needed”

~A.B - Toronto, Ontario